Why do I want to write a blog?


So how I have I come to the realization that I want to  write a blog? The answer is to be honest ” I don’t know” For first of all I’m not a writer,and second I’m a beginner.. But one thing is for sure, is that I love expressing myself through words. As far as I remember, I have never been good at saying right away my feelings and thoughts. I am that kind of person who never find the right words to express or find the right answers when I talk or when I am demanded to give my opinion, making me a very bad candidate for the blogging community. However, I still have found some reasons why I want to write a blog  and they are listed below.

1- I want to connect with other people like me.
I think writing a blog is an act of sharing. You try to put your thoughts and feelings into words and a writing that you share with others . Then I hope I can connect to other people by communicating my feelings and how I see things. As I am convinced that there are somewhere people who can share my point of view.
2- To make a difference
I hope that some of the things I write about may inspire others and make changes.. I believe in the impact that a simple word or an expression or a sentence can have in others to make a difference. As it surely have done to me several times too when I read something.
3- I want to be a better writer
English is not my first language and you may find me not being really good at expressing, though I know  that writing improve with practice. So I hope I  will improve my writing skills over time, and get me better at   expressing in a better way. 😁
4- To get inspiration
I just have realized that writing changes you in many ways. Because it helps you to discover and learn more about yourself, makes you think deeper on how you perceive things. Hence writing about something helps you understand it and also helps you understand yourself more. So  I think  I will get more inspired from the the process of writing.

5 Have fun

There is a friend of mine who is surprising me all the time of the contrast between his seriousness and his funny personality. He has this incredible capacity to relate to funny side with the serious. Then I easily get the message behind the fun we have when we talk. In the same manner, I want to have fun by just sharing my thoughts and feeling too sometimes.



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