Letting go

We have all been there. That moment where we feel like whatever  we’ve been doing, things seem to never work out — We feel in our heart that, we could have given our best but it would’ve been just not enough. It can be a broken relationship, a broken trust, an old argument, or an old hurt,the list goes on…But at some point,we need to decide to let go and free ourselves from the past story. We need to release ourselves from suffering from the same old story over and over again.
For that,we need to be willing to make a decision to leave everything behind and get ready  to take a step forward. The truth is that, sometimes we take so long to realize and make that decision and sometimes we just never do…
So, the question is that, how to come to that specific moment? When is the right time to make the decision that “enough is enough” ?
The answer is, that there is no recipe for the right time, there is no start up button where you should press to start moving on. Only you can determine when is “the time” for you—Moreover when a “situation” turns around should be personal and individual.
As you may think ,me too,at some point of my life,I was confronted to some situations where I needed to let go. And it took me quite long time to get the courage to take the first step forward— But every single step is worthwhile.
So, I want to share with you,my own experience of letting go in these few points.


For that, I tried to acknowledge ,which was my responsibility on the problem. I tried to find out if I was partly responsible of what happened. Like this, I could manage to see my implications to the situation. Because once you recognize your part of responsibility in a situation,  you blame others less,and consequently get hurt less. So, not only you know more about the origin of the problem,but you also learn to take your responsibility for your actions,and change your attitude accordingly.


I was forced to confront myself to the reality of the situation I was in — Most of the time,we may get tempted to close our eyes to the real nature of the situation we are in. We often try to cover the truth with “comfortable lies” to  make us feel good. But we quickly realize that it is just temporary. So confrontation helps you acknowledge the problem you face and helps you redefine your attitude towards it. For this reason confrontation is more than necessary to help us accept the reality, and step out of it, to take a new direction.

3- Forgiveness

Then came afterwards, the forgiveness. This is a very important part in the healing process . You have to forgive, if you want to continue living a healthy life. You need to forgive those who have hurt you, but also, forgive yourself.  When you forgive,you give space to new things and fresh start — As you release old hurts you give place to more important things and as a result you get more place to happiness.

4- Moving on

Moving on is just a process which comes naturally after forgiveness. Because you are finally able to forget and just go on. At this point, you overcame all your past wounds, you have learned from your mistakes and just take a fresh start to the new chapter of your life.

Well, letting go is not an easy task — It’s a never ending process of self discipline and efforts. But in the end of the day, every single steps are worthwhile. Since every efforts are rewarded with a healthier life, a peaceful existence and a happier mind.


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