Be the one who loves you first

hand-1549399_1920Before thinking that you are depressed, make sure first that you are not surrounding yourself by “bad” people. I heard that expression somewhere — and it  somehow opened my eyes.
At some point of my life, I found myself reaching the lowest point. For a very long period of time, I was struggling with the feeling of not being good enough — I was constantly trying to change something about me. I seemed to never get satisfied with the person that I am. I caught myself working hard often to be ” better” and “more acceptable” — Until I realized that the problem was not  from the inside , but from the outside – my surroundings.
Here’s the thing, the wrong persons are just not capable of seeing you as you really are — they just can’t see your worth. They always want to change something about you, it’s a fact — they just can’t help it. These are very important indicators that the people you are spending time with are not loving you — Simple as that.
But the problem doesn’t reside on those people, for the very simple reason that we can’t make people love us — It is in the fact that,when we face such people,  we automatically want to prove them our worth to make them love us. And that is really dangerous cause It will hurts us more — for people who can’t see your worth will not change — And you will start hating yourself for not being good enough for them and hate them for not seeing your worth and your efforts.
That said , anytime you feel low or depressed, it’s really important to take a closer look at your surrounding first — You might not notice, that you spend time with the wrong people — People who constantly bring you down. Try to figure out how you feel whenever they are around- Do you feel comfortable? Are you happy? Or are you feeling like you want to make extra effort or go the extra mile just to feel loved or appreciated? For if this is the case then it’s really time to redefine the situation.
To be clear, trying to please people all the time is first of all, totally wrong, second it’s not healthy and third it will end up destroying you — You will lose yourself trying to find the perfect image for them. It’s a total waste of time and energy.
Remember that love is free and effortless. If they really love you, you will know it just by the way they make you feel, without trying that hard. For this reason, stop wasting time and energy to please the wrong ones and instead, spend time with people who doesn’t need reasons to love you.
You matter, and you deserve better than that —Take heart and move on ,be yourself and the right ones will love you for who you are. Know your worth, stand for who you are and what you are made for and be the one who loves you first!

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