Make use of your loneliness

When you are alone, the world think that there must be something wrong with you. Being in a relationship,married,having family or tones of friends are the” normal” image in today’s world. What about ” alone” people? They can continue living their sad and empty life. Nobody really care.
In my opinion,being alone doesn’t mean that you are not a lovable person,or you don’t have any friends or family to share life with. It simply means that you learn to enjoy your own company and you are completely fine with that.
I’m not saying that having someone in your life or surrounding yourself with people is a bad thing — I’m saying that people come and go in life and being able to be happy alone is a very important thing — It has so much benefits along the ride.
At the first sight, loneliness is quite boring and not funny. But it’s not true.
You are valuable, and alone time reveals so much about your true self-worth. Use it to experience your full potential and acknowledge your power. For instance, when you’re alone, you can devote yourself to work — no one will stop you — And we know that great things come out of hard works.
Having companies or people around,stops you from fully exploit your capacity — for you always need to think of others and make compromises.  So you become more productive and  can increase your personal development then when you are alone. Moreover, when you’re alone, you have the freedom to make any decision you want — you are allowed to be “selfish”.
You can change the course of the situation whenever you want to.
Are you unhappy? Are you bored? Should you keep doing the same thing over and over? Only alone people can answer those questions. Since they can make things new at anytime — do things all way around whenever they want to.
When you get used to,have people in your life, then it’s so easy to forget how nice it is to be alone — how much time do you have in front of you to accomplish all you have been dreaming of— You are single or alone now? Then it’s the perfect time to make plans, and pursue them. Live a life of purpose. Maybe you want to learn new languages — maybe you want to go volunteering,no matter what,go get it. That’s your chance, that’s your  power! Be a better you, do what you think is best for you — you have no permission to ask — no compromises. And that’s the good news.
Being alone, though doesn’t mean,you have to cut yourself off of the world — you can surround yourself with others and be strong but confident enough to not depend on them to be happy.
I have learned many things from my loneliness. And most of all, it has provided me more confidence and strength,from my ability to live my life on my own terms.

You (we) might didn’t choose to be alone — Circumstances of life has brought you (us) here and it’s fine. Take advantage of it, enjoy your freedom, take your power and make use of it 😉

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