Hello readers

I want to share with you a story of my life.
I finished my study three years ago, and now working.. Everything went well, until I broke up with my boyfriend — after many years of togetherness — this has changed everything — For I saw all my future plans crushing and my dreams fading away.

Since then, I’m living a single life, trying to find myself again — trying to find my place and trying to find my way.
For a very long time, I was living a life where I had no aim. Lost in my daily routines, and live day by day — I was just working to pay the bills, nothing extraordinary, nothing exciting. For example,I  could spend times watching televisions when I come home at night or get busy thinking — thinking about the what ifs and the should have of my life — full of regrets by constantly living in the past.
With zero motivation,everyday seemed to be the same and nothing changes.
That was the kind of life I used to have, until  the day that I finally decided  to change it.

I don’t know exactly what changed my mind. Maybe because of all my inspiring friends overseas or some inspiring quotes that I came across on internet. Whatever it was, but it helped me to have a greater view of the kind of life I wanted to have.

Anyway, I started to want a better and meaningful life, I wanted to get excited when I wake up in the morning — I wanted to live more than just a daily routines. I felt like, I could do so much more and so much better than what I did.  Thousands of ideas ran in my head. Then again I spent hours in thinking, dreaming, planning — Which was good but quickly, I realized that those thoughts too were just in my mind — Never turned into actions..

Days have passed, and none of my plans worked out. I was motivated, but one important thing was missing — ACTION.

So, I made a decision to act upon my plans, to make a step forward and move toward my dreams. No more  procrastination,  no more  excuses. I was determined to work and make things happen ,instead of just wishing.

From that day ,I knew that, all my wishes would become a reality just by turning them into actions. For instance, I wanted  to go for a run on a daily basis ,then I  just  did it — and I made it.

I now have an organized schedule for all my activities. I can work out regularly, I have time to learn more, I recently created an English club ,I have time to read , I have started to write this blog etc.. Outside of my work hours.

All this because, I decided to act —  I decided to stand up and make a move, and make things happen.

I haven’t achieved all my goals, but I have made so much progress. I still have so many things to get done and goals to attain.
And I know that I can make it, cause I now know the way.

Often, people expect to get a better life, or wish for great achievements but they fail to make a decision — they fail to take action. And see themselves losing their dreams with time.

Anyway, whether having a healthy diet, or getting new habits.. Whatever it is.. Stop wishing  for it and take action. You may not know yet what you really have to do or maybe you wonder where to begin. You don’t have to get all the knowledge to get start. You don’t need to have all the answers. Just begin.
Basically the perfect time never comes. You should decide to make a move for what you really want  right now — You won’t get everything done in one day, you won’t have all the necessary tools to get to work — All you need is  just to start and act now. Think, set an objective, write down, plan a schedule, whatever it is,but just act..

Put your thoughts into actions. And the rest will follow.

All it takes is just an action, and you will see the difference. The slightest action may lead you to a greater life. So why not do it?

That’s it!


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